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Ask The Wild Cougar

What do you wanna know?  Ask me anything.  Except if I will have sex with you.  If I had a quarter for every time…..

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  1. Caballeroso
    Dec 13 2011

    Hey WC;

    I noticed your query regarding the NSFW pics. Is there a way you could place a window that shows work-safe photos in the location of the NSFW photos you have now, but with an NSFW button that, once clicked, displays the NSFW images (and with a little additional variety)? The default could be non-nude photos for those who read at work with the NSFW button for home/private viewing. $0.02

  2. Wild Cougar
    Dec 18 2011

    That’s a good idea. But lately, I have absolutely no time to make any changes to this blog except the daily posts. In a few months when I get some time freed up, I’m gonna do all the things I’ve been planning. Till then its just keep my head above water time. I’ll keep it in mind.

  3. sun
    Jun 9 2012

    HI dear Jaqui, How can I send you a note directly, I have some things to ask you


  4. Patrick
    Jul 15 2012

    I’m a 25-year-old cub and want to meet myself a cougar! Craigslist would be a good idea, but I have to admit I’m nervous about having to communicate online initially. I always prefer meeting face-to-face. So my questions are: where do we cubs find a cougar? How can we spot one and avoid embarrassment by flirting with a married woman who’s not interested in younger men? And finally, how do we get a cougar’s attention? It must be quite different than a girl in her teens or 20s. Thanks for your time, Ms. Cougar!

    • Wild Cougar
      Jul 16 2012

      Where to find a cougar? Go to clubs and lounges that advertise to a 30 and over crowd. Don’t worry about flirting with a married woman. If she doesn’t want you, she’ll let you know. Finding a woman who is interested in younger men is a little tricky. A cougar might just walk up to you and start flirting, or make it obvious she’s attracted to you. A lot of women are cougar curious, as in they kinda like the idea, but need a little convincing. They might tease you about your age. With a little smile. Don’t take that on face value. She’s testing you. She want’s you to growl at her like a big sexy cub. You should say something like “You should try a young stud like me, I’m sure you would like it”. If she giggles, you’re in. Be bold, it turns cougars on.

  5. Ashley Marcia
    Aug 5 2012

    Out of curiosity, where did you learn the names for the pickup strategies you mentioned in the 8/22/11 post “Conversation with a Pickup Artist?” Any interesting recommended reads on game/flirting?

    • Wild Cougar
      Aug 5 2012

      I read a few books on pickup strategies so I could figure out why men were acting so weird. The two main ones are Rules of The Game by Neil Strauss and The Mystery Method by Mystery. These two give strategies that are considered “dark game”, which has the aim of lowering a woman’s self esteem in relation to the man. This works on a lot of women, apparently. I get a whiff of insult and I’m done, however.

      I would recommend you read these two books if you run across any pickup artists. If you’re looking for game for women, the best book I’ve ever read for that is Why Men Love Bitches by Sherry Argov. I’ve re-read that thing a few times. Also The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene is good for both genders. Its a bit long and literary, though.

  6. jremy
    Aug 5 2012

    Are you looking for a new potential cub?

    • Wild Cougar
      Aug 5 2012

      No, I’m done for now.

  7. Rachel
    Jan 16 2013

    Hello WC,
    Can you recommend any cougars? I’d love your help, tweets, suggestions, etc.

    We are looking for fun, flirty, unashamed and bold personalities for TLC’s hit new show. This docu-series helps to end a double standard and follows women in their prime who are dating/in a relationship with younger men. We want outgoing (loud and proud) personalities, amazing energy, couples that are happily in love or singles looking for love! It would be great to find women who date men 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years younger than them and are proud of it. Ultimately, we want to hear their love story and know their journey!

    The press release for the show is available via TLC’s website. The direct link is:

    Would love to get your feedback and discuss!

    Casting Producer
    TLC’s Extreme Cougar Wives

  8. Jul 30 2013

    I just wanted to commend you for your post on VSB on 7/29. I don’t comment on blogs when certain people write for a variety of reasons, but I want you to know that I do read the comments whenever there is a lapse in the day for me.

    I agreed with what you had to say (this time, lol) and wanted to point that out.

    Be mindful that as often as knowledge, wisdom, insight, and experience is shared, many people seek to monetize, misconstrue, utilize, and exploit it for personal gain rather than healthy dialogue to feed understanding or solutions to issues that affect us as a whole which makes them no different than them.

    I saw you had several ‘comments down’ so I am the one who decided to give you the vote up.

    Salute. Until we meet in these DC streets….(laughs)


    PS–I think I did see you at the VSB thing a few months back…

  9. Oct 2 2013

    Hi, I love wild cougars. No, I won’t ask you to have sex with me!! LOL. I just wanted to know if you would be interested in posting my dating site, on your page somewhere? It’s a dating site and seems like it would be a perfect fit for your site and also could generate more traffic for the both of us. I could also include your site on the dating site as well. Please let me know. :-)

  10. Newz
    Jan 15 2015

    Even though we don’t really speak all that often any more. We know each other and I was wondering if you ever wanted to make me part of this blog????

  11. tineg
    Apr 1 2015

    Hi. From a first glance, I would say you had more or less nothing but a tough time with trying to pick up younger men while you wanted to have some mutual fun as Cougar and him being younger man? (not a boy, a man) Am I close?
    Well, like I said, from first glance. If I am, I feel for you. I like your blog. I dont know why. Perhaps you took the time to write the stories. Interesting and at the same time I feel for you that men were not so honest and upfront with you as you sound to be.
    How I got here…I was looking through cougars on craigslist on google search and I stumbled on your blog.
    The real curiosity of mine has been wondering how you look like. :) But I could not just write that. That would be lame.
    Anyhow, just curious. I see these posts are very old so I probably might not even get the response.
    I hope all is well with you.
    Take care, Tine

  12. jasper reynolds
    Jun 22 2016

    Why didn’t you pick a beautiful BW without all of the white features?

    Lips, nose, facial bone structure— very white.

    Disappointing as hell.


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