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June 4, 2011


Science Thinks We Want to Be Barefoot and Pregnant…

According to a University of Texas study,  women in their thirties and early forties have increasing sexual desires because their biological clock is ticking.  They studied women between the ages of 27 and 45 and saw they had a “heightened sex drive” and were more likely than younger girls to have

  • Frequent sexual fantasies
  • Thoughts about sexual activities
  • More intense sexual fantasies than their younger counterparts
  • A more active sex life and willingness to have a one-night stand
  • A willingness to have casual sex

They also noted, the ladies had “dwindling fertility”.  Well, they need go no further than that.  Of course that must be the reason.  These ladies are desperate to have a baby, so their libido goes into overdrive to accomplish that goal.

You can tell men did the study, right?    They seem to have no evidence that the dwindling fertiliy causes the revved up desire.  Just that the two things happen at the same time.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the women told them that was the reason, after some prompting.  That’s what we are supposed to want.  Babies!

Big problem with the theory, though.  Three actually.  They didn’t control for women who already had children and satisfied the biological clock.  Second, most women don’t want to make a baby with a one night stand or casual lover.  They just want to fuck him.  Third, did they ask the ladies if they were using birth control?  No, of course not, that would imply that women actually think about those things.  We are just driven by hormones.  Or lack thereof.

They ignored what I think is the real reason.  They were blinded by science and societal norms.  The old, cruddy, tired, dusty ones that still demand that a woman only desire sex for procreation and only with her husband.  Once women get past the 20s, they have had a few (or more) sexual partners and decide to drop the “good girl” act.  Its tiresome to keep up and after 30, its less believable  and not particularly effective for getting a husband.  Sex drive for women is all in the head.  Once we get rid of the mental chastity belt, all bets are off.  And Its on.

But I don’t blame them for trying to keep us all in our boxes.  Personally, I fuck because I like to fuck.

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  1. Imjustsayin
    Aug 7 2014

    Actually, science has found out that as woman approach their mid-30s, testosterone levels in their bodies increase, thus increasing their sex drive (yes, women have testosterone too, but far less than guys do). A mild uptick in T levels in women can have a marked effect on a woman’s sex drive. And, of course, this has nothing to do with biological clocks or the desire for children… it does just make women wanna fuck…


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