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June 4, 2011

I am Nobody’s Sugar Mama

I know some women like to give men money, let them drive their cars, buy them all kinds of stuff, pay for the date, let them stay in the house or apartment rent free, lay on their asses and not work, play xbox all day and eat the food the woman bought.

These women are stupid.  ‘Nuff said.

Men are born to be providers.  They should want to provide for a woman.  Yes, we as women can be independent and earn our own money, but some men today want to take advantage of that and have us provide for them.  That is ass backwards.

Yes I know, some ladies are just out to see how much money they can get from a guy.  The gold diggers.  For the record, I have never been a gold digger, and I don’t approve of the lifestyle.

But some guys are so paranoid about gold diggers that they take an extreme approach to dating and get really stingy when it comes to going out.  They refuse to spend any more than the absolute minimum.  I have even had potential cubs try to get me to meet them for the first time in a parking lot or public park.  After I suggested Starbucks!  They don’t even want to spend $2 on a cup of coffee.  These men don’t get past the phone call.  That shows me he’s a selfish man.  And selfishness in a man is unattractive, because its unmanly.  No provider instinct?  Your dick is anemic.

I don’t see anything wrong with paying my half of the date.  I usually do that in the beginning so there are no expectations.  Unless the guy insists on paying, which I think is sweet.  But I will not, I repeat will not, pay for a man, give him money, let him drive my car unless we are married and we share expenses anyway.  And I would never be with a man who doesn’t have a job.

I get the impression that some potential cubs think that since I am older and I am a professional, I should be letting them get some of the financial benefits of my hard work.  I think they believe I might be a sugar mama.  I get this impression from the especially good looking ones.

Let me get this straight for anyone who was wondering.


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