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June 4, 2011


Virtual Men


What is with these young guys who don’t like to have relationships with real women? Something happened in the past few years since I’ve been off the scene.  You have this whole new crop of guys who you meet once (if that) and once they get your phone number, you never see them again.  If you talk on the phone it is for a few seconds while they come up with an excuse to hang up.  I know what you are thinking…..He’s Just Not That Into You.  Right?  But wait, there’s more!

Ok, these guys hang up the phone and then start texting you.   They will text all day and night.  They will text about stupid things they will try to have deep meaningful conversations with you over text message.  They also want pictures.  Their appetite for pictures never wanes.  They want bikini shots, nude shots, face shots, cleavage shots, ass shots.  Ok, I’ve never sent anything other than the face and the cleavage.  OK, I lied, I send a nude shot (no face) to a guy I whose dick was so good, I was fiending for it like a…well,  like a fiend, but thats a whole nother story.

These virtual men are like some other species.  You know me, I like to fuck.  I figure guys like to fuck.  Am I right or am I right?  So what is the deal with these guys.  You try to make a date so you can get to the fucking and they come up with a million excuses.  You try to pin them down on a date and time and suddenly, they “gotta go”.  Couple hours later they are texting you again asking you what your sexual fantasies are.

I tell em, well, we can act it out if you just get over here!  Nope.  Well, they don’t come right out and say “no”.  They deny up and down that they are only interested in texts and pictures.  They keep telling you they really really do want to see you in person, its just these dang things that keep coming up.  Oh and by the way, can I get a bra and panties shot?

What the french, toast?!  Are they afraid of women?  I’ve tried that question thinking the male ego would get them to act.  I called one guy a “Pussyphobe”.  Didn’t work.  I’ve tried ignoring them.  They just keep texting.  I’ve tried talking dirty.  They love it, but I it doesn’t get me any closer and I believe their hand probably gets all the benefits.

What’s up with that?  Anybody?

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  1. Tee
    Sep 27 2011

    Possibly they’re lying about their looks/using fake pics/old pics so they’re afraid to meet you in person…

  2. Wild Cougar
    Sep 28 2011

    Never thought of that! I bet that’s why.


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